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Welcome to the Calibration Standards web shop. We provide calibration reference standards to the laboratory world in the EU.

Our web shop gives you access to one of the most comprehensive sources of calibration standards available to buy online. Explore our user friendly search engine to find premium calibration standards from renowned suppliers such as: Brookfield, Whitehouse Scientific, PSL Rheotek, H&D Fitzgerald, Conostan, Cargille Labs

We supply traceable reference materials to support the calibration and verification of all type of laboratory instruments.

Calibration Standards . com is your single source provider for all your top quality reference materials and standard solutions such as: viscosity calibration standards, liquid density calibration standards, refractive Index and Brix calibration standards, particle size calibration standards, spectroscopy calibration standards and electrochemical reference materials.

Calibration Standards is a subsidiary of Calibration Lab.